The Grounded & Green community offers a variety of workshops in-person or virtually. Check our workshop offerings and contact us via email to book!


Plant Based Lifestyle 101

Living a plant based lifestyle is all the rave right now and for good reason! Living above the line of wellness means supporting all the body functions that keep us well. Good sleep, healthy emotions, nutrients are just a few of the topics we discuss and provide solutions for achieving!

Plant Based Starter Kit 101

You’ve made a decision to prioritize your wellness and this workshop will help you maximize that decision with everyday ways to utilize your plant based products to their full potential. Bring your kit and a friend and we’ll dive into learning about how many different ways your kit will enhance your wellness! Tools provided to make DIY blends.

Reduce Your Homes Toxic Footprint

In this day in age, being mindful of products we use in our home is necessary. Learn all about how to evaluate the toxic footprint of your home and getting solutions to reduce it. Free product samples provided.


Other class offerings include: Emotions & Plants, Athletes + Plant Based Products, Oils After Dark, Finding the Right Supplements, Plants & Pets. Specialized classes available as well.

Free classes are offered monthly via our Grounded and Green Facebook group. In person classes posted within group but schedule available upon request. In person classes offer make and take for attendees and only requirement is to bring a guest or refer one to receive a class invitation.

To host your own class, minimum 5 person RSVP required. Contact via email for booking and questions.