Carrier Oils

Essential oils are extremely small so they can pass through the skin and into the body quickly. But if you want to keep the oils on your skin and dilute them to create more gentleness on the skin you can combine them with carrier oils.⁣

These larger oils that come from the fatty part of the plant can increase the length of time the⁣

essential oils stay on your skin and also prolong the aromatherapy effects.⁣

Some people mistakenly think using carrier oils reduces the effectiveness of the oil but really it can be the opposite. Dilution increases the surface area of absorption and can prevent sensitivities of certain oils.⁣

Common carrier oils include:⁣

• Almond oil⁣

• Avocado oil⁣

• Coconut oil⁣

• Jojoba oil⁣

• Olive oil⁣

• Pomegranate seed oil ⁣

Our favorite is Coconut oil or fractionated coconut oil (FCO). What is fractionated coconut oil? Coconut is a saturated fat and is usually sold at normal room temperature. FCO has some of the longer chain fatty acids removed so it is liquid at room temperature. FCO makes it easy for the times you just need a few drops of carrier oil to mix with your essential oil.⁣

What’s your favorite carrier oil and why? ⁣