Brand Matters

Just like with most things, the essential oil brand you use matters. Have you ever heard of the term Seed to Seal? 

The Seed to Seal commitment to purity is what sets Young Living apart from any other companies in the world. Young Living owns 16 farms all over the world, and works with partner farms that are held to extremely high standards. Young Living also distills 100% of their own oils, which means they can stand by their quality from beginning to end. They call it the “Seed to Seal” guarantee!

Inexpensive oils are often synthetic, adulterated, or unethically sources, which is why Young Living partners with certified farms and sources, with a focus on sustainability.

They can say with 100% guarantee that they can ensure what are in those little bottles of love + all their products - they are 100% PURE. From the time the seed is sourced, to when the oil is sealed into the bottle, they apply the most rigorous quality control to ensure you are receiving the essential oils exactly how nature intended.